The Task in hand!

Work on the overhaul of Austerity No9 started in June 2019. The blog was started in June 2021 so photos and text will be added as the work progressed through that period. Because of the Covid pandemic work was interupted during that time but the intention is to restore Austerity No9 to working condition as an N.C.B locomotive in blue. Work continues.............

17 September 2023

NDT and protect!

 Grit blasting the frame, after extensive cleaning, was completed on the 4th of September. Non destructive testing was successful and a coat of red oxide was applied to the wheelsets and the frame. Another coat of RO may be applied to the frame as further protection. We moved the gantry into place on the 14th to allow for the removal of the buffers and the completion of the frame clean-up. What lies behind them...............!


Alan in the space suit on grit blasting duties.

Expendable abrasive! Blasting shed would be an advantage!

 NDT paint around horn guides. All good.

NDT spray - all wheels passed.

Frame in Shed ready for RO. 5025 as backdrop!

Wheelsets protected.

Side frames painted. Photo from pit on 3 road!

Inside & out with red oxide.

 Frame protection and start of buffer removal - next blog!

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