The Task in hand!

Work on the overhaul of Austerity No9 started in June 2019. The blog was started in June 2021 so photos and text will be added as the work progressed through that period. Because of the Covid pandemic work was interupted during that time but the intention is to restore Austerity No9 to working condition as an N.C.B locomotive in blue. Work continues.............

25 June 2021

Start of the overhaul June 2019 - moving forward.

No9 - on 1 road - coming into Shed maybe later. June 2019


Makers plate on cab side - Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd 1943. 7097 Newcastle & Darlington. June 2019


No9 awaiting some HGO. (A bit more than TLC!) June 2019


Worn brake block on LH side. June 2019


Work continued during August on inspecting the pistons and valves.

Front plate unbolted ready for removal.

Close-up of LH piston.


Plate removed and valve cover and piston covers unveiled! Oil pipes will need disconnecting.

RH piston cover removed. Crack along top - will need replaced. Piston looking good

Valve cover removed.


Valve cover sitting on plate.

Colin Boyd inspecting the enhancement requirements after removal of plate, seen resting against coupling hook.


Finally for 2019 and at the start of the Covid pandemic the coupling rods were removed on the 20th December. The Engine Shed was closed at this point and we had to wait until 2020 to re-commence the work.

LH coupling rods being prepped for removal.


LH coupling rods removed. Denzil tape protecting crank axles.