The Task in hand!

Work on the overhaul of Austerity No9 started in June 2019. The blog was started in June 2021 so photos and text will be added as the work progressed through that period. Because of the Covid pandemic work was interupted during that time but the intention is to restore Austerity No9 to working condition as an N.C.B locomotive in blue. Work continues.............

31 December 2022

End of 2022 report.

A final post for 2022 with a photo of No 9's boiler barrel and steam dome having been given a protective coating of red oxide. Whilst there is no other progress with her restoration at present, the Strathspey Railway Association raffle this year was exactly for that, and £5,400 was raised. A good start!


Steam dome and barrel with a protective coating of red oxide.