The Task in hand!

Work on the overhaul of Austerity No9 started in June 2019. The blog was started in June 2021 so photos and text will be added as the work progressed through that period. Because of the Covid pandemic work was interupted during that time but the intention is to restore Austerity No9 to working condition as an N.C.B locomotive in blue. Work continues.............

2 January 2024

End of 2023 Update

 In the last few weeks of 2023 we completed the levelling up of No9's frame using a very precise level, the cleaning of all 6 axleboxes in the washer and attached the supports for the new stretcher. John Hunt will complete the welding of the stretcher in the new year.  The bolts will then be replaced with rivets. We also lit a few Shed (people) warming fires!

This was used at all points on the frame and is very precise.

Axlebox getting a wee clean.

Cleaned axleboxes on LH side of frame

Angles protected for new stretcher. It's amazing what we can source from stock.

Mag drill attached. The rope allowed for accurate positioning and as a safety feature.

 LH angle secured with bolts for new stretcher. Bolts will be replaced with rivets. The next job.

RH angle for new stretcher.

Outside frame view of bolts holding angle for new stretcher.

Approved and very welcome!

3 November 2023

Buffers & levelling.

 Buffers have been given an undercoat, re-built with the springs and cottar pins, and put back on the frame. The springs were placed in the housing and pressure applied to allow the cottar pin to be inserted. Along with the coupling hook they were re-attached to the buffer beam. Next was No 9's frame re-siting in the Shed. She is now at the back of 2 road. This allows Ivatt Class 2 46464's chassis and boiler to be next to the outside world where they will be re-united in the future. The frame of No 9 needs to be perfectly level to attach the new stretcher and axle boxes etc and we used the Enerpac to start this process.

Eccentrics and buffers with undercoat of light grey!
Buffer, spring & housing re-united. A squeeze needed to insert cottar pin.

No 9  - buffer complete and ready to go back on beam.

Buffers & coupling hook back on.

Shunt to re-locate frame to back of 2 road in progress.

Frame now at back of 2 road. Ivatt now next to door.

Levelling up the frame with the Enerpac.

Levelled up. Steel will take place of the wooden block.

13 October 2023

Stretcher removal

 An old and not original stretcher needed to be removed and will be replaced with a more substantial one. First the main part was cut out using the plasma cutter and the 8 nuts & bolts, some of which needed heat to be released, were removed. Where the stretcher was attached to the frame there was signs of corrosion and this was needle gunned, ground clean and given the red oxide treatment. A couple of bolts had to be heated and hammered out.

Nick applying heat to a stubborn nut. Nuts were removed before we cut the stretcher out. My instrument of removal on stretcher.

The stretcher lying in the pit.

LH side with some corrosion to be dealt with.

Outside LH with bolts removed and cleaned.

Another stubborn bolt!

Bolts on RH side with corrosion still to be addressed.

RH side cleaned with flap disc. Alan, Keith and Nick in conversation.

I bet you couldn't do that again - wedge stuck in waybeam!

2 October 2023

Buffers and hooks

 Good progress was made removing the buffers and draw hooks for examination and any repair work required. Slight damage to one buffer inner housing and a broken spring which will need replacing. Otherwise everything looks good. One bolt was reluctant to be freed and required heat and the rivet gun.


The one bolt that required heat, cutting off and the rivet gun teatment - bottom left!

Buffers at front of locomotive removed.

Front end - draw hook still to be removed.

Nick Thompson removing nut on draw hook.

After grit blasting old weld appeared.

Front end cleaned and protected.

Cleaned and protected.

Hooks, eccentrics, spring and buffers.

Buffers with spring - one waiting for a new one!

17 September 2023

NDT and protect!

 Grit blasting the frame, after extensive cleaning, was completed on the 4th of September. Non destructive testing was successful and a coat of red oxide was applied to the wheelsets and the frame. Another coat of RO may be applied to the frame as further protection. We moved the gantry into place on the 14th to allow for the removal of the buffers and the completion of the frame clean-up. What lies behind them...............!


Alan in the space suit on grit blasting duties.

Expendable abrasive! Blasting shed would be an advantage!

 NDT paint around horn guides. All good.

NDT spray - all wheels passed.

Frame in Shed ready for RO. 5025 as backdrop!

Wheelsets protected.

Side frames painted. Photo from pit on 3 road!

Inside & out with red oxide.

 Frame protection and start of buffer removal - next blog!

22 August 2023

Removing the tyres from the leading & trailing wheelsets.

 21st August - A great way to start the week! 
A ring of fire, designed to heat the tyres on No 9 's wheelsets to about 260°c +, constructed by Alan French, was used for the first time and proved ideal for the job - of course! The expansion of the tyres allow them to be removed, with some persuasion! The wheel centres never got more than 35°c. See video section for more action. All 4 tyres were removed during Monday - a job well done!
The eccentics were removed from the driving set the previous Saturday.

Eccentrics removed for cleaning, grit blasting and protecting.

The ring of fire being tested. 110 small holes drilled on the tube.

A nice even flame on the tyre.

The first tyre is off the wheel!

Axle up ended and 2nd tyre being heated.

Both tyres removed.

All 4 tyres removed. 

Nick Thompson, Roddie McRae, Alan French & Brian Thomson.  Nathan Lightowler on 5th hammer!.