The Task in hand!

Work on the overhaul of Austerity No9 started in June 2019. The blog was started in June 2021 so photos and text will be added as the work progressed through that period. Because of the Covid pandemic work was interupted during that time but the intention is to restore Austerity No9 to working condition as an N.C.B locomotive in blue. Work continues.............

9 July 2021

Reverser frame

 In October 2020, with No 9 finally inside The Shed, the reverser frame and rod were dismantled for inspection and cleaning. The counterweight was secured and we tackled the work. All but 2 of the nuts and bolts needed much persuasion  releasing there grip - this engine has been looked after!

No9 - reverser secured before removing lever and rod.

Reverser frame and lever.

Reverser rod removed - starting on the frame. This engines bolts have been fairly easy to dismantle - kept well lubricated, but not all!

Reverser rod lying on running board.

Reverser lever frame.

Pivot block lying on top of reverser rod.

Just 2 bolts to remove. These bolts were the ones that were not co-operating!

Reverser lever and frame dismantled. The cab floor and side plates had been removed in August as they were well past their sell-by date.

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